Hard Rock from Finland

Traditional style today’s sound. BadName plays blues rock & southern rock influenced hard rock.


Are you ready for me

The debut album titled “Are You Ready For Me” was released in 2019 featuring 10 original songs such as “The Gates Of Hell”, “Rusty Nails” and “Are You Ready For Me”.

“It was written in homage to its roots in hard rock, blues rock and southern rock. By adding our own subtle Finnish melodic and somewhat melancholic touch it created the blend we are now proud to present.” -BadName 

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Hard Rock
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BadName – Hard Rock from Finland

The original group was formed in 2015 out of sheer passion for rock music. The founding members Kari Haajanen and Timo Laakso rounded up their dream team Jukka-Pekka Nokkonen and Timo Welling for Kari’s 50th birthday jam and the stage was set. What first started out as a one-night cover act suddenly turned into a more focused and ambitious project that aimed to release its own music.

The need for a high standard musical project formed the connection between the line-up. They all were musically experienced and had a long history of being involved with numerous bands and they all shared their strongly rooted influences in hard rock, blues rock and southern rock. The collective-and-unspoken desire was to take a part in a flavourful and well performing melodic rock group that would take off way further than any project had before. In the dream situation they would all bring their own unique taste to the mix – and now that dream had come true. The bar had been raised high.

However in 2018 Timo Welling had to step down from the drummer seat as he couldn’t find the needed time due to his work overload. He was later replaced by the best possible candidate Tommi Takkinen. During the recording sessions of the debut album in 2019 Jouni Valo was introduced to the band and his talents were instantly recognized and felt were needed to make the group sound complete. Filling these final missing pieces the band started conquering the local venues and making a little name for itself..

In the year 2019 the debut album “Are You Ready For Me” saw daylight. The band had written over twenty songs and ten of them were carefully chosen to accompany each other in the compilation which would represent BadName at its current best. “The songs tell stories from real life experiences – about the hardships and obstacles that life throws at you. It’s about overcoming those barriers and sort of drifting along the memory lane looking at your life – where you started from and where you are now” -Timo Laakso

The album is a warning for a storm coming – a storm called BadName.


JUNE 2020: Line-up changes!!

The original drummer Timo Welling returns to the band. The band would like to thank Tommi Takkinen for his two years of groove expertice. There was no drama involved in the exchange.

“We wish Tommi well and all the fortune for his future endeavours. At the same time, we welcome Timo our old gang member!” -Timo Laakso



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Articles and reviews

“They are a superb hard rock quintet from Hartola, Finland” –  Fireworks Rock & Metal Magazine (issue 88)

“…an exellent album for those who like their rock served with whiskey and fumes. They’ve invented new gunpowder to feed the flames of bad-ass rock and it leaves the listener in a good mood.” – Imperiumi

“Almost perfect, 9/10” – Metal Temple